Mission Statement

Hello there. My name is Charlotte, i'm 20 something and I am the founder of PROJECT BLOODY. If i'm honest, i'm not sure what the exact spark was that lead to this, but I know one day I woke up and I knew I needed to do something to help make the world a better place.

PROJECT BLOODY aims to help alleviate period poverty in the UK. One in ten girls in the UK are unable to afford sanitary wear, while 12% must resort to improvised methods which are unhygienic and UNSAFE! As well as an issue of affordability, stigma and taboo's around periods make it difficult for girls to come forward with their problems - almost half of young girls are embarrassed by their periods, leading to a massive 78% feeling awkward or embarrassed to purchase sanitary products. And staggeringly, 49% of girls in the UK miss an entire day of school each year due to their periods.

In a first world country I struggle to comprehend that these are every day issues for thousands of girls across the nation. As a result, Project Bloody donates 15% of each sale directly to communities to help provide sanitary wear for those who need it. We have also arranged drop off points around the Wirral ( soon to be expanding) for people to contribute donations, no matter the size, of pads, tampons, new underwear, wipes and anything else you might imagine to sooth another rough month for a young girl suffering to afford sufficient sanitary wear. Get in contact to find your nearest point, or to understand how you can be a part of our campaign!