Why 'Tiger Stripes' are problematic.

I'm sure you've seen the posts before countless times, especially if you're friends with alot of mum's. "You're a tiger who's earned her stripes", how motivating and inspiring. As a mother myself I've gained a few extra stripes and on the surface, yes, this is uplifting. I have no need to be ashamed of myself and how I have changed, my useless body which normally trips over its own feet and goes into meltdown if I drink a milkshake was able to produce a whole functioning human being, and an exceptionally cute one if I do say so myself. Pre-pregnancy...

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The myth of being "Too Political".

We all have those family members. The ones who insist they’re "just having a laugh" when being openly racist towards the guy who runs the local take away. Or the one who exclaims angrily that "homeless people don’t deserve help, they’re all on drugs! Its their own fault!" when you mention you bought lunch for the woman in the doorway you pass daily on your morning commute. Or the one who says they love Trump because he "just says it how it is". We all have them. They might be a family member, a friend, a colleague, or a partner....

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The Journey Begins

Something about starting my own solo site seems so daunting. Im not sure why; perhaps its the idea of the maintenance, the anxiety surrounding lack of exposure for an issue I feel so passionate about, or possibly the overall fear of trying to make it on your own. However, there seems something so passive relying on a site like Etsy. How can I sit and hope someone stumbles on my T-shirts when I spend every day worrying I’m not doing enough for other women, how can I call myself an activist when I’m not active in my quest? It seemed...

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