The Journey Begins

Charlotte Galer

Something about starting my own solo site seems so daunting. Im not sure why; perhaps its the idea of the maintenance, the anxiety surrounding lack of exposure for an issue I feel so passionate about, or possibly the overall fear of trying to make it on your own. However, there seems something so passive relying on a site like Etsy. How can I sit and hope someone stumbles on my T-shirts when I spend every day worrying I’m not doing enough for other women, how can I call myself an activist when I’m not active in my quest? It seemed only logical to take the next step and push myself to work harder to raise awareness for an issue I feel so strongly about, hence this site was born. Im hoping to have everything an individual will need to learn about Project Bloody, its mission, and its progress. This isn’t just for me though. This is a community, a family. Please get in contact with any posts you would like to see, issues within the feminist community you wish to be spoken about, any ideas you wish to be materialised. Project Bloody is for everyone and always will be.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Love you all.

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